About Us

  Hecate''s Corner is were Mother Earth is honored. On April 22, 2009 the United Nations established the International Celebration of Earth Day. However many cultures around the world have been celebrating Earth and Nature for thousands of years.


Here, we want to become a Sanctuary for the keepers, of the Old Ways.  A place for the Old and New generation of bold, like-minded Witches to bond and connect on a intellectual level, understanding and accepting, that no one is above anyone, respecting others thoughts without loosing your voices and opinion.


Here at the corner, we will share recipes, quotes, stories on women who are making an impact in their communities. Lets learn about Crystal, jewelry and tools Blessing we have. 


We are a group, of people that with time became more than friends, and later on family. We understand that, to become one with nature, you need to spend time with nature. Thereby to gaining a deeper awareness of the therapeutic power of Mother Earth, we gather at least onces a month in nature (beach, woods, river). 


If you think this is something you would like to explore, Let us Know. The opportunity to carpool is open to go together. 

To sum up, as a group we study, make spells or mantra, make organic soaps, custom made candles, custom charms, or jewelry. @ Hecate's Corner you can ask questions and find answer, holistic wellness, spiritual coaching  or counseling, tarot and intuitive readings, also colors, sounds, and semi-precious gemstone healing or therapy, hypnosis & past life regression coaching.

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